Justin Bieber Accused of Attempting To Rob Woman at Miniature Golf Course

Well, the day has finally come. Justin Bieber has, possibly, reached rock bottom at last. The singer has been accused of attempting to steal...get ready for it...a woman's cell phone.

Impossible, you're thinking. Why would a millionaire pop star waste his time on petty theft? Why would he try to swipe a phone when he could buy a gazillion phones and not even notice the effect on his bank account? Well, it's a little more complicated than that, I'm afraid. Here's what we do know.


A California woman claims she was hanging out at a mini golf complex when she spotted Bieber and his buddies hitting balls at the batting cage. For whatever reason, Justin and his crew got into a screaming match with another group -- which possibly got physical, we aren't sure -- and the woman had her phone out, looking like she was ready to snap pictures.

When Justin noticed her recording the incident, he allegedly demanded that she show him her phone so he could erase the footage. She refused and says the performer then reached into her purse to take her phone.

Justin and the woman engaged in a tug of war over the cell phone until he snatched it from her grasp, she claims. He then unsuccessfully tried to erase the photos -- but couldn't because she had locked her device.

Wait, there's more.

The woman says Justin gave her back her phone and again demanded she unlock it and show him her photos. She obliged and proved to him that she hadn't take a picture of him and that she was simply standing there with her 13-year-old daughter because the young teen wanted to meet him. Justin reportedly yelled at her that she "humiliating herself" in front of her child, which made the young girl cry.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating her claims and Biebs has not been arrested -- yet.

Good Lord. Assuming this story is true, it's just all sorts of bad, isn't it? It's bad that we live in a world in which it's common to take photos of people in uncompromising positions. And it's bad that Justin has been allowed to get away with disrespecting people for so long.

It makes me feel sad for the woman's daughter and question why mom didn't think it was a good idea to walk away when she noticed Justin involved in a fight? But it also makes me feel a little bad for Justin. At this point, people are just waiting to catch him do something stupid and illegal.

The problem is he's making it way too easy for them to do so.

Do you think Justin will be charged with attempted burglary?


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