Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson! 6 of His Sexiest Looks (PHOTOS) ​

Rebecca Stokes | May 13, 2014 Celebrities
Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson! 6 of His Sexiest Looks (PHOTOS) ​

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROBERT PATTINSON! Though you will always be an ageless and undying sparkly vamp in our hats, we will dog our caps to you, on this day of your human birth. He's turned 28, and I'm sure it will be an awesome year. If memory serves, I liked being 28. It was cool. My buns were incrementally higher on my frame. That is neither here nor there. 

Rob's getting a lot more done than the average twenty-something. This year alone he had two films bust out, while filming two more. He's poised to complete his twenties and emerge into his 30s as a fully-fledged, bonafide movie star. Yeaaaaa boy, get it! And by 'it' I mean me. 

I wracked my brain trying to think of a way to properly celebrate Rob's birthday. But since I don't "technically" know the guy, showing up naked in a birthday cake at his front door seemed like a recipe for some jailtime, and I'm way too cute for life behind bars. To that end, I rounded up some of Rob's sexiest pics from the past year. You know, to celebrate his birthday by saluting his hotness.

If you could buy Rob one present for his birthday, what would it be and why?


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