Juan Pablo Just Can't Let 'Bachelor' Drama Go

juan pablo andi dorfmanJuan Pablo Galavis may be the closest he's ever been and will ever be to a household name in the wake of his 15 minutes of Bachelor fame. And yet, he has nothing but loathing for the reality TV franchise. In fact, he keeps throwing so much shade ABC's way that we can't help but think guy might really want to think about taking a tip from his Frozen-loving 5-year-old daughter and let it go!

The most recent example of JPG's abhorrence for all things Bachelor Nation: He took to Twitter to answer a fan's question about whether or not he'll be tuning into Andi Dorfman's upcoming season of The Bachelorette. Oh no. We already see where this is going ...


Juan Pablo tweeted:

Rrrrright, we get it, JPG. Because the reality TV show is not "real" enough. It's edited for dramatic value and isn't a Nat Geo docu. (As if that's what he thought he was signing up for! Ha!) So he'll need to hear the real deal from Andi.

But guess what else isn't real? The thought that JuanPabs would actually pick up the phone and talk to Andi after all the animosity that flew between them! More likely, Nikki and Andi are still BFFs, and Nikki's going to fill her (faux?) beau in on the behind-the-scenes. 

Regardless, though, it's nothing short of irritating that Juan Pablo continues to mock and deride the hand that fed him. If he's so above The Bachelor, you'd think he wouldn't have to resort to slamming it constantly. But whatever, ultimately -- it's okay.

What do you think about JuanPabs' response to this fan? Will you be watching Andi's season?


Image via ABC

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