Kim Kardashian's Mansion Renovations Are Crazy Over-the-Top Even for Her

Kim KardashianThere is very little that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West do that can be considered subtle or understated. Their lavish day-to-day is a testament to that. But the private jets, designer wardrobe, and pricey hotel suites are nothing compared to the details of that mega Bel Air mansion they are renovating. You won't believe what they are adding to the architecture.


They have added a "glam room" to the layout. The reality star will be able to have her makeup and hair done in an amazing salon of her own, which can be accessed through metal doors in her master closet. Sounds fantastic, right? What woman wouldn't want that?

The glam squad can set up camp there any time Kim needs to be red carpet or camera ready -- which is pretty much all the time. It's just one of the amazing attributes of the 9,000 square foot mansion that Kanye shelled out $9 million for in January 2013. They are already planning to have more children and the layout allows for plenty of little ones -- not to mention all the Kardashians that will constantly be dropping by. I mean, hasn't Rob lived with every sister at some time or the other?

The house also has a new $30,000 gourmet kitchen, a music studio, a library, 62-foot infinity pool with a cabana (which costs $83,000),  wine room, and a $30,000 covered patio. And they haven't left little North out of the plans. She will have her own suite, with a walk-in closet for that already impressive wardrobe of hers. Housed in the swankiest neighborhood in L.A., it will also be the perfect setting for star-studded parties with pals like Jay Z and Beyonce. It looks like they will have everything a young family needs for a blissful life. Let's just hope it's enough for them.

Do you think this house will make Kim and Kanye happy?


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