Kylie Jenner Puts Tattoo in Very Strange Place (VIDEO)

Kylie JennerIf Kim Kardashian, with her disastrous marriages and sex tape, was once the wild child of the Kardashian clan, well, she has been replaced. Kim is now all mommyhood, wedding planning, Vogue and Met Gala, while the sexy and scandalous antics have been left to littlest sis, Kylie. We might have to wait a few years for Kylie's sex tape, but until then we have her fling with Justin Bieber, top ear piercing, her multicolored hair, her going without pants, her selfie on a bed with a shirtless Jayden Smith ... and nowwwwww she tattoos Lionel Richie's son!


Kylie was reportedly at a recording studio with big sister Khloe, her boyfriend rapper French Montana, and Lionel Richie's son, Miles, who is 19, when Miles was getting a tattoo. Why he'd be getting it at a recording studio is beyond me.

The person giving the tat was indeed a tattoo artist, presumably licensed, but Kylie decided to step in and "help" with the tat. She put on some gloves and put her hands over that of the tattoo artist as he drew the ink into Miles. Watch:


The tattoo? Kylie's initials! (???)

Just why he was getting Kylie's initials is unclear. Are the two dating? I mean, you'd hope so. Why else get someone's initials on your arm? Still, I'm not sure of the legalities of a 16 and 19 year old dating in California. 

If they are, it's the most underwraps relationship ever. I don't know what's going on with these kids these days.

As for Kylie, what she did is technically illegal, according to TMZ. But I doubt we'll see her behind bars for this. Something else ... maybe!

Do you think this was stupid or just fun?

Image via Instagram

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