Kylie Jenner's Seductive New Photo Has Taken Things Too Far

Kylie Jenner photosKylie Jenner has certainly made a name for herself. Unfortunately, it's for nothing more than her awkwardly sexual photos she posts on Instagram. And they just keep getting worse.

Just yesterday, Kylie shared a photo of her midriff. She's pulling her shirt up and tugging her tiny jean shorts down. She is trying desperately hard to be sexy. May I please remind you that this is a 16-year-old girl?

Take a look:


Kylie Jenner photos

First of all, thank GOD Instagram wasn't around when I was a teenager. Like, seriously ... I'd like to actually thank God for that. And second of all, where the hell has overprotective Bruce Jenner been these days? I remember when he wouldn't even let Kylie wear eyeliner (Keeping Up season one flashbacks!) and now she's showing the entire world her lady parts any chance she gets. There is way too much effort going into this photo.

Imagine how this situation actually went down. Hey, can you take a photo of me while I pull up my shirt and oh-so-casually show you my toned abs? Make sure to cut off my head so it looks like we just snapped this photo at random and it wasn't 100% planned. So sexual.

What's sad is, Kylie is such a beautiful girl on her own. And she doesn't need to take sexy photos to be so. I really think one day she'll regret all of these suggestive photos that will remain on the internet forever. No one's gonna buy the milk when they get the Instagram photos for free.

Do you think Kylie is going way too far with these photos?

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