Bradley Cooper Called a 'Master Manipulator' By Someone Who Should Know

Bradley CooperIf you ever thought it would be absolute heaven to be married to the scrumptuous Bradley Cooper -- well, don't ask the one woman who has been married to him. Because she has a different view entirely! The marriage was so short-lived most people don't even know about it, but back in 2007, Bradley was married to actress Jennifer Esposito. And Jennifer has come out with a memoir, Jennifer's Way, about her celiac disease. Which sounds terrible. But not as terrible as being Bradley's wife!


Okay, so Jennifer doesn't say she's talking about Bradley exactly. But apparently it's pretty obvious if you read the memoir and match up the timeline to their relationship.

Obviously things didn't quite work out with these two, or they would have been married for more than six months. But listen to this:

[He was] funny, smart, cocky, arrogant and a master manipulator.

A master manipulator? Woah!

She also says the man had a "mean, cold side" and his "personality could flip on a dime." She also felt that everything revolved around his needs and that she was a "non-issue."

As for how it ended, she says that things started to go totally south when she attended a seminar at a spiritual center, and then:

Within days, my relationship hit an all-time low, and within a week it was over. Abruptly, rudely, and with the exact callousness that I’d come to expect from him.

Could this really be the Bradley we all know and love? The one who let mom move in with him?
There are two sides to every story. Also, people change. I never would have believed this description of him before -- but since he's started dating 21-year-old model Suki Waterhouse, who looks like his niece, his sheen has worn off for me. A man who dates a woman so much younger than himself (Brad is 39) is looking to be the power in the relationship. (Go ahead and send your hate mail.)
Well, at least these two are both happy now. Bradley has Suki and Jennifer is engaged to British model Louis Dowler, who is smokin'. How weird they're both dating models?
Anyway. I guess I'll reserve my opinion of Brad for now. Besides, there are a lot of women who wouldn't mind being "manipulated" by him!
Do you believe her description of him?
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