Lea Michele Posts Heart-Wrenching Tribute to Cory Monteith on His Birthday (PHOTO)

Lea MicheleWhile most people were celebrating Mother's Day with breakfast in bed or mimosa brunches, Lea Michele must have also been very sad. Because May 11 was also late boyfriend Cory Monteith's birthday. Lea honored the occasion by tweeting an old photo of the pair.


The pic is black and white and shows Cory as we all remember him -- laughing and smiling. Lea seems to be holding back laughter with her hand as she guffaws at something Cory said.

Lea Michele

He looks as he will forever look: Handsome, young, carefree. Cory will never get sick, get old, get wrinkly. He'll never see children or grandchildren, but neither will he ever again experience pain or disappointment.

The Glee star tweeted:

The biggest heart and most beautiful smile ...  In all of our hearts ... We love you so. Happy Birthday.

Lea is clearly still missing Cory; and his birthday must have been tough, especially coming on Mother's Day. Cory's mother, Ann McGregor, felt it too. Must have been a terrible day for her. She wrote on Twitter:

Maybe it is a blessing that Cory's birthday is on Mother's Day.

Heart-wrenching. But on the other hand, we must remember Cory's life, not his death. Just as you would want to do for any loved one, make his or her life a celebration, not a cause for devastation and misery.

Cory will be remembered for being a good person; being talented; being charismatic; and for being a good son, friend, and partner.

What do you remember about Cory?


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