Female Band Orgasms While Singing in Video That Tries Way Too Hard

There are some people who are naturally magnetic, who possess a star quality that makes others want to pay attention. And then there are people who go to great lengths to get attention. The latter, often feels unauthentic, contrived, annoying. That's how I'm feeling about the band ADAM who just released (perhaps in a few different ways) a new music video for their song Go to Go.

The video features the members of the all-female Dutch band having an orgasm as they sing. Yeah.


Some people will do just about anything for attention.

These ladies seem lovely -- but I really didn't need to hear that soft buzzing happening in the background of the video which I assume was a vibrator. I love that these women pleasure themselves -- their song isn't bad, but something just feels really wrong.

I can't help but feel the discussion on what kind of video to make for this song went something like this.

Hey, let's make a provocative video!

Okay, how about we are all dressed and we have naked guys dance around us like in Blurred Lines. That got a lot of attention.

What if we were naked instead.

I'm not getting naked.

Maybe we should have orgasm in the video. But we're all still clothed!


Maybe it is genius because people are watching, people are talking about it. The video has been viewed over five million times as of this writing. I'm just not a fan. Do you remember anything about the song? I don't. Isn't that what music is supposed to be about? Give me a great video, that also let's me experience the music, not just some "shocking" orgasming people.

What do you think? Do you think this was just a band doing anything for attention? Does it feel authentic to you?

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