Jennifer Lawrence Does Sweetest Thing for Fan in Wheelchair

jennifer lawrenceThe adorable Jennifer Lawrence gets picked on a lot because she apparently is a little clumsy and falls when at award shows. Some have even suggested that she likes to get a little drunk from time to time. I think it all adds to her appeal. She's 23; her life is probably one big whirlwind of fame and fortune and yet she still takes time to remember her fans and she isn't going around with her tongue out all the time. Her outfit choices are also quite lovely and classy.

When on the dark gray carpet (not red) for the global premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past in NYC, Jennifer smiled for photos with boyfriend Nicholas Hoult who plays Hank/Beast in the movie. She answered questions from the interviewers but she also took the time to sign a whole lot of autographs for her fans. But one gesture in particular was especially sweet and shows how kind-hearted J. Law is.


Jennifer reportedly was walking the carpet waving to fans when she saw a woman in a wheelchair with a poster. Jennifer stopped everything and walked right over to her to sign the poster.

Maybe some think this is no big deal, that celebrities do this all the time, but they don't and they certainly don't have to. But this young actress -- a mere 23 -- did. And that should be recognized as much as her acting merit, and more than the fact that she takes a tumble in her high heels every now and then. Or even gets a little drunk. So what? She's a sweetheart!

It's those little acts of kindness that help make the world a better place. And for that fan, Jennifer's act of kindness must have made her day. Maybe Jennifer's kind act will inspire us all to do nice things today. Every day.

Isn't it sweet Jennifer did this? Have you experienced an act of kindness lately, or done something sweet for someone like Jennifer did?


Image via Splash

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