Dolly Parton's Breasts May Be Hiding a Very Big Secret

Who doesn't love Dolly Parton? The spunky 68-year-old country singer and godmother to Miley Cyrus hasn't lost an ounce of her sexy, fun spirit over the years. Honestly, she has really only gotten more interesting as time goes by.

Need proof? People still can't stop gossiping about her. And the latest hot Dolly rumor that just won't quit involves her famous breasts (of course) AND her arms -- both of which may feature a big, un-Dolly-like secret.


According to her friends and associates, Dolly is as tattooed as a biker babe. That's right -- her boobs and arms are reportedly covered with secret, amazing artwork! Though this juicy tidbit has been floating around for a few years, this photo recently popped up of the singer at a movie premiere and it shows her sporting a really odd-looking red mark smack in the center of her cleavage.

Assuming this actually is a tat and hasn't been photoshopped in, what the heck is it, exactly? It kinda looks like a strawberry or a flower or maybe a heart, but also doesn't look a whole lot like anything.

Where are the gorgeous pastel baskets of flowers, butterflies, and angels she reportedly has on her skin?!

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Alas, Dolly herself won't confirm or deny the tat rumors, which makes her even more awesome than we think she is. She has gone as far as saying that she "might" have them, but that she won't say for sure unless she's caught. Since she's often photographed wearing fitted, low-cut (but not obscenely low) sweaters with long sleeves, it's impossible to say for sure whether she has cool bodywork.

I have my hopes up that this rumor is the real deal. What would be cooler than an already super-cool music legend who got tattoos for herself -- and not to attract attention.

Do you think Dolly has tattoos all over her breasts and arms or is this just a rumor?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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