Jon Hamm's Confession About 'Frozen' Is 1 More Reason to Love Him

Jon HammJon Hamm has been rocking my world lately. Well, not in that sense, because I'm not Jennifer Westfeldt, but in the sense that I want to stand up and give him a round of applause and a hug. A couple of weeks ago, the Mad Men star made headlines by slamming Justin Bieber for being so Justin Bieber-y, which was amazingly awesome.

Now the 43-year-old has opened up about which movies have made him cry recently, and I'm happy to report that he has passed my friendship litmus test. In a quick sit-down with Vanity Fair to promote his June cover as well as his upcoming movie Million Dollar Arm, Jon admitted to tearing up at Frozen.


"The last movie that probably made me cry was either Despicable Me 2 or Frozen," the actor shared, noting that he had watched them on a plane, lest you think this childless manly man just sits around watching kids' movies all day.

Good man, Jon Hamm. Because if your eyes don't get watery watching Anna's act of true love for Elsa, you clearly have no soul and I have no interest in knowing you. Barbarians.

Then he was asked to choose between the movies' theme songs -- "Happy" or "Let It Go." He went all Sophie's Choice there, saying, "That's a toughie," and said it was like choosing between platinum and gold. He said, "'Happy' is pretty infectious," but if he were a 13-year-old girl he'd have to pick "Let It Go."

I for one am glad Jon Hamm is not a 13-year-old girl. Awkward.

Did you cry during Frozen?

Image via Vanity Fair

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