Kim Kardashian Faces More Kanye Cheating Claims Right Before the Wedding

Kim KardashianIt can't be easy loving a man like Kanye West. The reason? It's not just his over-the-top vanity -- which is surely had to deal with. Kim Kardashian also has to deal with endless cheating rumors. The latest comes right before her wedding.


Seventeen-year-old Pia Mia, who allegedly happens to be one of Kanye's proteges, claims that she has been fooling around with the rapper behind Kim's back. In fact, she tweeted that she was "the other woman."

Well, Kim's posse wasn't going to stand for this latest attack on Kanye's character. Khloe took it upon herself to try to shut down the rumors:

“I know I'm late but seeing a rumor about Kanye & Kylie's teenage friend!” tweeted Khloe. “They don't even work together! How do these rumors get started! LOL.”

It's nice to see that the Kardashian's are sticking up for the newest member of the clan. And I am sure Kim appreciates that they are standing behind her man. However, others still believe that the reality star has reason to worry.  His former, longtime girlfriend Amber Rose has even said that their relationship ended because of all the cheating (on his part, not hers). Perhaps Kanye has changed his ways with Kim. They say the love of the right woman can work miracles on any man.

Do you think any of these cheating rumors are true?


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