Miley Cyrus Stumbles Out of London Club in Bra Weeks After Health Scare (VIDEO)

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It will be interesting to hear what fans who bought tickets to the postponed Bangerz tour will have to say about this one. Granted, Miley Cyrus is young and most likely to recover quickly from whatever ails her, but the 21-year-old was hospitalized on April 15, right before a concert in Kansas City. She was force to postpone all remaining U.S. concerts. She was released on April 24, and yet a mere few weeks later, she was seen stumbling out of a London night club on a cold Thursday evening.

Clearly she has made a full, quick recovery, but perhaps it was a little too soon, as she did look exhausted and very out of it while being swarmed by the paparazzi. Check her out (and her insane outfit to boot).


miley cyrus

Not her best look. She was reportedly out partying with Kate Moss and Pixie Lott until 3 a.m. Ah, youth. Wearing a gold and black bra, matching black skimpy shorts, gold-bedazzled tights, and a checkered shirt around her waist, she had to clutch on to her bodyguard for support when she exited the club. She apparently wanted to let loose after Tuesday's show at the O2 arena, which was the first UK date of the Bangerz tour, at the Mert + Marcus & Miley Cyrus party held at Madame JoJo's.

Miley looked worse for the wear as she made her way to a car amid a throng of people, but then it seemed she got her second wind and had a lot to say to her team in the car. Don't even want to imagine what was possibly said.

Keep in mind it was only weeks ago she was hospitalized for what she said was a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. And now she is walking around chilly London at 3 a.m. in a bra. This must be hard for fans who were desperately looking forward to her Bangerz tour to see. She also had to postpone two tour dates in Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Still, she is clearly well enough to keep going with the tour and will do whatever she wants to do regardless of what anyone thinks. And wouldn't you go a little nuts if all these people showed up with flashing cameras to see how you spend your Thursday nights? Let's hope she can get through the rest of her tour illness-free.

Do you think Miley should be partying so hard a few weeks after her health scare? 

Images via mileycyrus/Instagram & Splash News

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