Emily Maynard Reveals Unexpected Baby News

emily maynardThere seems to be some concern over whether or not Emily Maynard is going to be getting married because last month she was spotted in an Instagram pic without her wedding ring on and the caption "over it." Eh. Maybe she was just mad her fiance Tyler Johnson that day. Or, as she explained, her ring was at the cleaners. One thing we can be sure she is not "over" is being a mom. Her daughter Ricki is now 8 and she just adopted a pup, putting the pet count at three dogs, a cat, and a bunch of fish.

And about that being a mom thing ... Emily is sharing some news about having another baby.


She's ready. Now. "I've got to have a baby soon!" she said.

I'm not the kind of person to rush anyone into having a baby, but how sweet it is that Em is thinking about adding to her family -- and I don't just mean by marrying Tyler. "I really mean it. I’m actually making it to the marriage part this time!" Emily has said about getting hitched. It's clear that Tyler loves her and Ricki -- he gave her a little engagement ring, too. Emily added, "I keep telling Ricki it's just as much her wedding as it is mine. It's been fun to see her get excited about it."

So exciting! Also exciting ... potential baby news. 

Em is still in the planning stages of a wedding -- though she has been coy on those details since the engagement in January. So I'm thinking they should tackle that event first, then get to the baby having. I hope they are enjoying every moment -- even those moments when the ring is at the cleaners.

What do you think of Emily talking babies?


Image via Emily Maynard/Instagram

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