Khloe Kardashian's New Man Gets Cozy With Last Person You'd Expect (PHOTO)


Even though she hasn't exactly come right out and confirmed that they're dating, everyone knows Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are pretty hot and heavy right now.

So what if her divorce from Lamar Odom is pretty much at a standstill since he won't sign the damn papers? Khloe is a single woman who can do whatever she wants without having to answer to him.

But as happy as she seems with French these days, she might want to watch her back -- because someone very close to her seems to be getting a little bit too close to him.

You're not going to believe this one. (Ok, you probably are.)


Kris Jenner & French Montana

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That's Kris Jenner and French Montana looking like two peeps who've known each other forever.

And you know where I'm going next with this, right?

Duh. Who else wouldn't be surprised if Kris was attempting to get her flirt on with him versus admitting to the world that she approves of him dating her daughter? She's not exactly shy about the fact that she digs younger dudes, and she also happens to believe she's the hottest older mom on the planet.

What? Her bikini pics aren't enough to make you believe she's full of herself? Then check out this photo, which she shared on Instagram right before the one of her and French.

MILF socks

I rest my case.

Sure, there's a chance Kris is simply happy for her daughter. But Khloe might want to keep tabs on who her famous mama keeps company with a little more closely. (You never know what she might be up to.)

Do you think Kris would ever make a play for Khloe's man?


Images via Instagram

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