This 'Family Feud' Fail Is So Cringeworthy It's Gone Viral (VIDEO)

anna sass family feud

I always give people mad props for appearing on game shows. Granted, the quick money would be nice, but I know I'd get asked some simple, second-grade-level question and would freeze and draw a blank and look like an idiot. And then live on the Internet trapped in that moment forever. Sadly, that's what indeed happened to the Sass family, of Stockton, California. They needed Anna Sass to get a mere 18 points on Family Feud to win $20,000. Certainly you can guess what happens next.

All she really had to do was guess somewhat popular answers to poll questions that Steve Harvey rattled off. And she just couldn't think of anything besides the most obvious answers, which were unfortunately already guessed.


You have to see it for yourself:

As you can see, in the first round, Tim got 182 points, which was very impressive. Anna only had to get 18 -- but ended up getting 0. Poor, poor girl!

Anna, who is a general manager of a PR agency, said that the episode was shot last year. But Family Feud broadcast it on Tuesday and the clip is, obviously, making the Internet rounds. She told The Huffington Post on Wednesday, "It brings back all the emotions, the feeling that I had let my family down," she said.

But she also went on to say, "We had a great time and we still laugh about the entire experience."

It is pretty funny, and it's nice that it seems she has such a good attitude about it all. And considering Tim ate up all the points, it's a little easy to see why she was so easily stumped. Still, "deeply in marriage"? Stomach "throws up"? Sad to say, but the media outlets might be right in calling Anna "the worst Family Feud player in history."

Be honest, did you think of better responses to these Family Feud questions?


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