Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Takes on Unexpectedly Romantic New Project

Fred Durst, eHarmonyNothing brings me back to junior year of high school quite like the melodic warbles of rap metal musician Fred Durst singing about doing it all for the nookie. Seriously, I hear Limp Bizkit, and I'm transformed into a 16-year-old badass who can sing every word to "Nookie" while cruising with my brand new driver's license and the windows down.

In other words, I don't exactly equate Fred Durst with romance, or the search to find lasting love. This is the guy that wrote a song about staying in an emotionally destructive relationship because the sex was decent, after all.

Get ready to have your mind blown, because the 43-year-old musician just directed an eHarmony commercial.


Yeah, that eHarmony. The online dating site that wants to find your soul mate for you based on 29 dimensions of compatibility! Hey, it sounds cheesy, but I'm pretty sure most people know at least one couple that met on the site. Tinder is for hookups, but eHarmony is for love.

Anyway, the official Twitter account for eHarmony recently the posted the above photo of their famed CEO and Durst, with the caption, "Our CEO Dr. Neil Clark Warren is on set today filming new commercials w/ Director @freddurst! #behindthescenes #epic."

Warren, 79, co-founded the site in 2000 (hey -- that's the same year "Nookie" was nominated for a Grammy!) and often appears in commercials for the company.
At first I thought Durst would be appearing in the commercial, but from the sound of it, it looks like this moonlighting director lover of love spent his time on the project behind the camera.

The musician has some experience in that area, having directed many of his band's most famous music videos (yes, including "Nookie"), and he has even made a name for himself in independent films. He directed The Education of Charlie Banks in 2007, and The Longshots in 2008.

Huh. Who knew? Fred Durst, heavy metal rapper, independent film director, and eHarmony commercial maker. Wonders will never cease.

Are you surprised to see Fred Durst directing an eHarmony commercial?


Image via eHarmony/Twitter

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