Desiree Hartsock Isn't Kidding Around Anymore About Chris Siegfried (PHOTOS)

desiree hartsock chris siegfried engagement shotWell, folks, it seems pretty safe to say that Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried have proven naysayers wrong. With less than two weeks until the premiere of the next Bachelorette, the last one and her fiance appear to be going stronger than ever. Des posted pics of their engagement shoot to her blog, and it doesn't even seem possible for them to look happier or in love. For real!

Check out one of the most aww-worthy shots ...


desiree hartsock chris siegfried engagement shot dancing 

Des' Instagram caption? "Happy Anniversary to my lifelong dance partner! @chrisrsiegfried I love you so much!" So cute!

Sure, for a while there, it was hard to see how these two really came together. Des seemed to have her heart set on Brooks Forester for the duration of the season, and then, in what appeared (at least on TV) to be the blink of an eye, she was heartbroken by Brooks and had fallen head over heels for Chris. Something seemed off. Surely, they would call it quits sooner rather than later, right? 

Looks like the answer is wrong, wrong, wrong! Along with the romantic shots she posted, Des writes on her blog:

Wedding Date TBD. Yes, I know you are dying to see Chris in a nice tux or suit, but timing is everything people. And when the time is right you will be the first to know.

Timing is everything. And although these two seem to be taking their sweet time saying "I do," no doubt should remain that they're actually going to ... certainly sooner than later!

What do you think about Des and Chris' pics?


Image via Jodi Botke, Giving Tree Photography via Desiree Hartsock/Instagram

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