Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Wedding Will NOT Be Filmed for 'KUWTK'

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestIt seems as though Kim Kardashian got tired of hearing all the rumors about her wedding. Or maybe she was just tired of hearing the same ones over and over, so she decided to set us celeb-watchers down a different path. Because let's be honest, can Kim Kardashian ever really get enough of Kim Kardashian? Don't answer that.

Anyway, the reality star took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to set the record straight on whether or not she and Kanye West are already married, if the TV cameras will be there, and something about a wedding dress.


The May 24 Kimye wedding is just over two weeks away, and so far basically all we know is that it will be somewhere in Paris. Maybe. In or near Paris. Also that Jay-Z and Beyonce may, or may not, be in attendance. And she'll have two wedding dresses, except maybe she'll have three, and one or more may be designed by Lanvin. It's possible there will be a balcony.

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OK, we know nothing. But now we know some pretty crucial deets about two of our biggest questions about the wedding, thanks to Kim's rumor-busting Twitter tirade! Is the ceremony just for show (i.e., are they already married?), and will it be filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

Whoa. They're not filming it. I don't even understand. It's a world gone mad, I tell you! What does she mean by "everything leading up til and after" anyway? Like, are we going to see them get on a plane to France and then come back married? Or do we get to watch Kim getting ready? What about the reception?

I'm guessing it means no reality show filming of the ceremony or the reception. I'm also guessing this is Kanye's doing.

But hey -- maybe it's a good thing! The last time Kim filmed one of her weddings, it didn't turn out so well. Plus, this way they won't have to re-shoot their vows.

Now! On to other things, like the guest list and the dress!


Well, I wouldn't call it nonsense, per se ... it's more like super fun speculation!

Anyway, as sad as I am to hear that we won't be treated to an E! special on Kim and Kanye's wedding, I have to admit that not filming it is probably a much better start to the marriage than the one she had with Kris Humphries.

Are you bummed they won't be filming Kim and Kanye's wedding?


Image via Kanye West/Twitter

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