Kim Kardashian Turns to Kanye for Most Important Decision

Kim KardashianIn case you were wondering who makes the decisions about Kim Kardashian's style choices -- I mean, you weren't really wondering, were you? You know it's Kanye! Kim even admitted as much when she wrote on her blog about her HUGE first world problem -- trying to decide what accessories to pair with her blue Lanvin Met Gala gown.


Kim wrote on her blog:

It was such a tough decision on how to accessorize. I left the store with a chunky belt and leather cuffs. We were going back and forth for hours if the chunky belt was right. In the car on our way there we got a glimpse of the carpet, and I decided the accessories were a bit too 'rock n’ roll' and I wanted to go for something more simple and elegant. I switched to a clean black satin belt and strappy heels at the last minute because to me it felt more classic and fit the Forties theme better.

Hear that? "We" were going back and forth. And in case you needed more proof that Kanye has a say in Kim's style, check this out. She also wrote:

Kanye also liked it better too. Overall I thought it was the right decision and I loved the way everything came together.

Sooo what this whole thing really meant was that she turned to Kanye, asked him what he liked better, and went with his input. Which is cool. I mean, why not? If your boyfriend is as fashion-obsessed as Kanye, might as well ask him what he thinks.

But somehow I just can't imagine Kim going against his wishes. I wonder if he approved the wardrobe malfunction too?

Do you think she made the right decision?


Image via Instagram

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