Khloe Kardashian's New Hobby Reveals How Desperate She Is for Change (PHOTO)

khloe kardashianTo say that Khloe Kardashian's past year has been a huge personal nightmare is an understatement. Her marriage crumbled amidst allegations that Lamar Odom cheated and was on drugs. It was humiliating beyond measure and played out in front of a critical and cruel public. Her diehard fans felt sorry for her, but more people poked fun at her during the scandal.

Fortunately, she didn't let it get her totally down. It's clear that Khloe is intent on picking up the pieces and seems to be rebounding nicely. She's reportedly dating rapper French Montana and she is trying to broaden her horizons in a very unexpected way.


Khloe posted this pic on Instagram:

khloe kardashian

Who would have thought that one of the Kardashians was musically inclined? It's nice to see her branching out from the typical -- which mainly consists of reality TV cameras following her around to red carpet events or her mom's house. Taking piano lessons sounds like great thing for her to do.

Like many other newly single women, I'm sure she is ready for some real and significant changes in her life. After all, she had an emotionally traumatizing experience. One of the best ways to get past something like that is to start fresh. That happens in many ways, and learning a new skill is one of them. Good for Khloe.

Do you think Khloe will stick with this new hobby?


Images via Instagram & Twitter

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