Miley Cyrus Finally Speaks Out About Those Horrible Rumors

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has cleared it all up for us, folks. Despite a week-long stay in a Kansas City hospital and then yet another health scare that left her postponing Bangerz tour dates in Europe, Miley has finally come out and told us, in no uncertain terms, what we can do with our sneaky suspicions. She told reporters in London: "I didn’t have a drug overdose."

Thanks for setting the record straight, Miley!


Erm, but then Miley went on to say that she was the "the poster child for good health" before she had an allergic reaction to the "shitty antibiotics" she took. (Sorry, Miley, but antibiotics are probably the single greatest invention of the past century -- too bad they didn't agree with you, but no need to call them shitty!)

Also, Miley, you are not exactly the "poster child for good health." I realize that a good amount of people think that since marijuana is a plant, it is as healthy to smoke it as it is to eat an orange, but I don't think any doctor would agree that constant pot smoking is healthy. Just sayin'. Might want to eat some granola, do some yoga, and rethink that whole "poster child" thing.

I would also venture to say that licking so many different surfaces is probably rather unhygienic. And by licking surfaces, I mean things she licks for her videos and shows, people. Sheesh, you have sick minds!

Anyway, it's good that Miley has confronted the suspicion head-on and made it clear she never had a drug overdose. Whispers just tend to grow louder when you ignore them.

Do you believe her?


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