Kristen Stewart's True Feelings About Robert Pattinson Are Beyond Surprising

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Huh. Well this is a new one. According to an anonymous source, Kristen Stewart is dreading seeing Robert Pattinson in Cannes. I guess we can go ahead and forget about the two of them renting a villa together and getting all cozy.

Both have movies being featured at the film festival, and up until now, it's been assumed that they'll be in attendance. And you'd think they'd be all excited about spending a little time together to see if it's worth it to give their relationship one more shot -- but apparently Kristen is pretty nervous about going down that road again.


The source says, "Awkward is an understatement. Kristen hates confrontation, so seeing Rob will be strange for both of them. They have a lot of history together. Feelings don't disappear over night."

No. No, they don't. But given said history, should KStew really be all that worried about things being "awkward"? They've only broken up and gotten back together about 1,000 times, so why should this little reunion prove to be anything but perfectly comfortable for them?

Unless ... maybe something went down during this last breakup that has made them less than amicable? Or maybe Rob's numerous rumored flings/girlfriends/mystery blondes/whatever have taken a toll on Kristen's ego, to the point where she feels betrayed by him moving on with his life?

At this point, I don't think we can predict what is going to happen between them until they're actually over in Cannes and in each other's company. Anything is possible, from a serious reunion with major fireworks to an all-out throw-down in the middle of an after-party. 

(My money's on something in between.)

Do you think Kristen should be nervous about seeing Rob?


Image via Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty

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