Miley Cyrus Refuses to Sing on 'The Voice' for a Most Childish Reason

Miley Cyrus ChapsAt 21 years old, Miley Cyrus undoubtedly still has a lot of growing up to do. Hey, life isn't just about twerking and smoking more pot than Wiz Khalifa, after all. But the Disney star turned tongue wagging songstress may have just outdone herself in the immaturity department if the latest rumors coming out of the Miley gossip mill have any truth to them.

A source told that Miley has refused to perform on the uber popular reality show The Voice because she doesn't like Christina Aguilera. In fact, she dislikes the show's coach so much that she won't sing even though Xtina is taking a two-season break!


Sometimes people just don't get along. I get it. And no one has to support another person or their career, or their show, or whatever. But when there's this kind of rancor and hostility between two people, you kind of have to wonder what happened to cause it.

And it sounds like something big too. Even though producers are "desperate" to have Miley on The Voice, the source told Radar:

Miley is no friend or supporter of Christina, despite the fact they have a lot in common, including long associations with Disney and using some of same people through the years on their respective business teams.

Even if Christina has temporarily stepped aside, The Voice is still Christina's show and Miley doesn't want to lift a finger to help that woman.''

Last month Voice bosses made Miley another offer to have her perform on the finale show and Miley said no -- and was very clear about her reasons!

Are you ready to hear what caused Miley's disdain for Christina Aguilera despite their similar career paths from Disney teen pop princess to over-sexualized 20-something pop princess? Christina wore chaps on stage before Miley did it!

Yup, apparently Miley was annoyed after a concert in February, when the "Dirrty" singer tweeted a picture of Miley on stage in chaps, with the message, "Cheers from one dirrty girl to the next @MileyCyrus...wear em' loud & proud, girl-yes!''

The nerve of that Christina Aguilera! The source said:

Miley couldn't believe Xtina would Tweet about her wearing chaps on stage, reminding everyone that she did it first. It was such a fake compliment and undermined Miley in the process.

Ummm ... couldn't it just be Christina passing the dirrty torch? I'm thinking Miley should consider it in an honor, especially since (in this writer's opinion) Christina did it better. At least she kept her tongue in her mouth for the most part, and her dance moves consisted of more than shaking her grove thang in the air against furries and Robin Thicke.

But regardless of her dislike for Xtina, this is just a bad career move. She has this great opportunity to remind people that she's more than just a pot smoking, booty shaking ex-Disney star that likes to lick hammers, but she's letting her immaturity get in the way.

I really want to believe this rumor isn't true, but given some of Miley's antics in recent months ... it wouldn't surprise me.

Do you think Miley is mad at Christina for tweeting about her chaps?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter

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