'Game of Thrones' Fan Saves Missing 3-Year-Old Girl Thanks to Show Trivia

game of thrones ravenWell this is a story that almost sounds too bizarre to believe, but luckily enough, it has a very happy ending for everyone involved. Those of us who watch Game of Thrones take the show, shall we say, pretty damn seriously. You would think that knowing how to do things like Water Dancing and "seeing" and putting a sword through someone's mouth would be rather useless knowledge in the real world, but Cairo Nurmagambetov, a devoted fan of the show, used what he gleaned from its lessons and symbolism to a heroic effect. Jon Snow, even though he knows nothin', would be proud!

In Game of Thrones, crows and ravens symbolize that something important will take place, and one of the main characters even goes on a search for a three-eyed raven. When Nurmagambetov saw them circling over a corn field in Omsk, armed with his knowledge of the show, he went to check it out.

Little did he know he would find a 3-year-old girl, Alexandra Spirkina, who had gone missing two days before!


Nurmagambetov recounted, "I knew that the crows meant there was something happening. I drove towards them and when I got there I saw the girl who was walking across the field. She was crying and calling for her dad."

Pretty awesome, right? All you need to know is a little trivia to find what 400 police officers, including 15 dog handlers, and 200 volunteers could not. Of course, that's not to take away from any of these people's selfless efforts to find this little girl, who apparently wandered off while she was playing, but hey, sometimes the things you learn on TV really do come in handy!

Apparently one of the police officers said, "We had state of the art thermal imaging equipment, but it was the crows that won the day."

Granted, this story hasn't been widely reported yet, and we can only hope the dude in the video is saying what he's reported to have said (i.e., "I love Game of Thrones, I followed some birds, I found a small missing girl, I'm a hero") ... and not that he was just interested in seeing what the birds were interested in:

But let's hope this is all true because one fan's knowledge of seemingly useless HBO show trivia led to him saving the day! And now we have yet another excuse to obsess and freak out over the show's every detail. Hopefully this little girl will become its biggest fan yet (yeeeeears from now, of course!).

Has anything you learned from a TV show helped you in the real world?


Image via HBO

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