Kim Kardashian Might Be Pregnant Again Already -- for Reals (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Wow. That was fast. Just last week, there was a rumor going around that Kim Kardashian is hoping to conceive on her honeymoon, which definitely makes sense given the convenience factor of that kind of trip. And while it does seem a little premature for her and Kanye West to add to their family so soon after getting hitched, nobody would put it past them to give Nori a sibling right away.

You know, because they need to keep the hype surrounding them as a couple alive by any means necessary.


But even though they still have a couple of weeks to go before their wedding, a new photo shared on Instagram is making some folks question whether or not Kim is already pregnant with baby number two.

Here's the shot, which was taken at the Met Gala in NYC last night.

Kim Kardashian

Huh. Weird, right? Why does this dude have his hand on her belly like that? And in case you're curious, the guy in question is Olivier Rousteing, who happens to be Balmain's creative director. (Interesting.)

Was the pic simply captured as he tried to get into a pose, or is Kim sending a subtle message with the gesture? I mean, it seems a little weird for her to pose for an "I'm teasing you with my pregnancy" photo with someone other than Kanye West, but stranger things have happened as far as celebrity baby "announcements" go.

Personally, my take is that his hand being on her stomach is just some sort of crazy coincidence. Somehow I don't see Kim as a pregnant bride, even if her baby bump isn't visible yet. 

But she probably should've known that posting this photo would get people talking about whether or not she has a bun in the oven. (How could we not?)

Wait. Never mind. I'm sure that was the whole point of sharing it.

Do you think Kim is pregnant already?


Images via Instagram

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