Kim Kardashian's Crazy Cleavage Leaves Nothing to the Imagination (PHOTO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian isn't exactly known for being a shrinking violet, but whoa! Her recent Instagram post, where she's wearing a dress down to there, leaves approximately 1 percent to the imagination. Kim looks gorgeous as usual, with nary a hair out of place, but I think this pic has finally turned her boobs into the official welcoming committee of the Internet. I mean ... yowza.







kim kardashian

The pic is a little old since it was a #FBF Instagram post (for those of you with lives, that abbreviation means "Flash Back Friday"), but still -- that is one va-va-voom dress if I've ever seen one! The cascading hair that's shinier than a penny that's accidentally been through the wash; the glossed pout; the crazy, insane cleav -- a bombshell look at its finest.

There's no doubt in anyone's mind who resides on planet Earth that Kim Kardashian is a stunning woman, but for once -- just once! -- it would be lovely to see her post a real #nomakeup pic, where she's in casual clothes, looking totally un-glam. I don't think she needs to worry about not looking good, as that's not really an option for her.

You look gorg as always, Kim, but whaddya say? A sweatpant, Ugg boot photo next?

What do you think of Kim's constant super sexy pics?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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