Kate Middleton Accused of Ruining Prince Harry's Love Life

Kate Middleton Prince Harry

Gah. What's up with the Duchess of Cambridge being under a major microscope these days? First she gets slammed for going on vacation without Prince George. And then she had his car seat installed incorrectly on the Royal Tour, and some folks went and freaked out. But the latest accusation she's being subjected to absolutely takes the cake.

Would you believe there are reports out there blaming Kate Middleton for Prince Harry's split from Cressida Bonas?

Yep. Apparently some believe the real reason he's back on the market is all Kate's fault.


According to Showbiz Spy, "Kate and Cressie just didn't get along. Kate initially thought Cressie and Harry were the real deal and their relationship would end in marriage. But in the end, she just couldn't warm to her. She tried to give Cressie guidance. If anyone knows about how to be an outside in the Royal Family, it's Kate. But Cressie didn't seem interested."

And because Kate couldn't get on board with Cressida being her royal sister-in-law, a source says, "William had words with Harry and told him friction between between the women could cause a major problem in the long term."

Sheesh. If that's really the case, Harry must not have been that into Cress in the first place if he wasn't willing to fight for her.

But even though there's not a very good chance of this story being true, given how well Kate seems to get along with everyone she meets, let's just assume there was a little bit of tension between her and Cressie. If they weren't exactly the best of buds, Cress should be thanking her lucky stars that things ended with Harry when they did. As someone who has first hand experience with in-laws who simply can't stand you, I'll be the first one to tell Cressida to run for the hills instead of getting mixed up with a fam who is less than fond of her. (It's the pits.)

But if she and Harry do eventually decide to give things another go? Then she and Kate definitely need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart about how they can develop a healthy relationship. Even if they aren't perfectly similar, they should at least respect each other enough to put their differences aside for the sake of Harry and Wills.

Do you think Kate had anything to do with Harry and Cressida's breakup?


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