Robert Pattinson's Mystery Date Might Not Be a Stranger After All

Robert Pattinson Imogen Kerr

In a move that he's no doubt regretting now that it's been plastered all over various media outlets (sorry, dude) -- Robert Pattinson went out with a mystery blonde over the weekend. He enjoyed dinner and drinks and God knows what else with her at The Little Door in L.A.

And I know what you're thinking. Why in the heck is anyone getting all excited over Rob being out with a "mystery blonde" when mystery blondes seem to be a dime a dozen for him? I mean, he's only been spotted with, like, 100 of them in between now and the time he and Kristen Stewart split.

(Duh. Because it's Rob and we can't resist sticking our noses all up in his biz.)


But regardless of what the nature of this little "date" was, at least we don't have to speculate over who this chick is anymore. According to Hollywood Life, she's Dakota Fanning's friend Imogen Ker, which probably means she's someone who has been in Rob's circle of pals for quite some time.

And that's actually what makes things even weirder. If she's Dakota's friend, then Imogen is possibly buddies with KStew too, since it's no secret that Kristen and Dakota are close pals. Even if he and Kristen are done for good, it seems odd for Rob to get romantic with a mutual acquaintance (or friend or whatever). Something tells me their little meeting was nothing more than two buds going out on the town to have a good time together.

Oh come on, didn't you have male friends back before you got hitched and it became unacceptable to hang out with other dudes when he's not around? I had plenty of platonic guy pals back in my younger days, so why shouldn't Rob associate with members of the opposite sex without being romantically involved with them?

For now, I'm not putting my money on Rob and Imogen becoming an item. Well, unless new photos emerge of her sitting in his lap playing tonsil hockey or something. (That would be a game changer for sure.)

Do you think Rob is dating Imogen?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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