Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Get Kissing Lessons From Surprise Guest on 'SNL' (VIDEO)


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield make an adorable real life couple -- and they're not too shabby onscreen either, as lovers Peter and Gwen, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which took in an amazing $92 million this weekend. The two have some sizzling onscreen chemistry -- we thought. But apparently, behind the scenes, their love scenes needed some serious work. At least according to Saturday Night Live.


SNL pokes fun of Garfield and Emma filming one of their famous Spidey kissing scenes -- and, man, it sure looks better in the movie than what we're seeing here. These two just can't seem to get it together. This is sort how I always wonder if filmed kissing scenes actually go. I mean, it must suck if you've got one actor who is all tongue and one who likes to drool and one who likes to puff out his cheeks, etc.

Luckily for Emma and Andrew, Chris Martin, who recently consciously uncoupled from Gwyneth Paltrow, stops by to offer some lessons on consciously kissing. And you'll crack up when you see how he does it.

Oooh, I would totally pay to see a movie where Chris Martin and Andrew Garfield made out for real. Sequel to Brokeback Mountain, maybe? Coldback Mountain?


Image via NBC/Hulu

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