Prince Harry's Late Nights Catch Up with Him at Pal's Memphis Wedding

Prince HarryPrince Harry has had quite a busy week. First, he and his longtime girlfriend (who we all thought was going to be the next princess!) broke up; and now he and Prince William have been living it up in Memphis, Tennessee, where they've gone for the wedding of their pal Guy Pelly. And you can totally tell that the littlest prince, whom we already know loves to party (especially naked), has been having some late nights.


Photogs captured the prince yawning as he mingled with wedding guests. The event took place at the Memphis Hunt and Polo Club. Pelly married Elizabeth Wilson, granddaughter of the founder of the Holiday Inn hotel empire. I hope Harry was able to keep his mouth closed during the ceremony.

Despite appearing worse for wear, Harry was reportedly seen twerking on the dance floor at the wedding reception. Hey, I believe it. Remember those Vegas pics? My eyes are still burning.

Meanwhile, Cressida has reportedly been given a leave of absence from her job (she has a job?) to deal with the emotional toll wrought by her break-up. Yeah, I guess it would be hard seeing the possibility of being a princess slip from your grasp. Then again, rumor has it she is the one who broke up with Harry. Which I find hard to believe!

Have you been following the princes' exploits in Memphis?


Image via Splash News

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