Miranda Lambert's Kentucky Derby Outfit Reveals What's She's Really Been Up To (PHOTOS)

miranda lambertThe adorable Miranda Lambert first got herself (and fans) excited about the Kentucky Derby by posing with a horse with the caption, "In honer of derby week... Welcome our newest family member! Willowbrand Saith ap Michael ...Shelton:) #ponypic." We'll forgive the spelling errors because ... it's Miranda! And sure, the horse is cute and all, but can we talk about what Miranda is wearing and how amazing she looks?

I almost thought this was a photo of Emily Maynard. Miranda is kind of the shrinking woman right now and I'm left to wonder if we need to worry? Did the negative press Miranda got about her weight get to her? The answer comes with what she wore to the Kentucky Derby.


Behold Miranda!

kentucky derby miranda lambert

She looks healthy and happy -- also get a look at those calves! It's clear she's not doing anything too drastic to drop the weight. US Weekly reported that she has dropped 25 pounds and that Miranda said that "This is not a diet, this is my new life." So that's what she's been doing -- eating better.

I think we can all relate. Our weight often fluctuates, and it goes up the most when our eating habits get a bit out of control. It sounds as if Miranda has taken control of that and is making healthy choices. 

Another good choice Miranda made was her Derby get-up. That red on her -- amazing. I don't even mind the wacky hat.

What do you think of Miranda's look and her new healthier way of eating to drop weight?


Images via Miranda Lambert/Instagram; Getty Images

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