Kelly Osbourne Nearly Unrecognizable After Shaving Head & Going Makeup Free (PHOTOS)

kelly osbourneThere are times when celebrities shave their heads and we cringe. I'm glancing at you, Britney Spears. But sometimes the look is positively perfect. Kelly Osbourne shaved her head and looks amazing! (Also note those nails! So fierce!) Okay, so it's just the sides of her head that she shaved and it's styled into a mohawk -- a purple mohawk at that. But she looks gorgeous and she also shared a makeup free picture.

She's nearly unrecognizable! We all know that makeup and hair can transform our looks drastically, but I almost wouldn't know if this was Kelly or not in her latest Instagram photos. What a beauty -- with or without hair, and with or without makeup. Take a look.


kelly jack osbourne

She and brother Jack are so adorable. And this heavy on the eye and light on the lip makeup suits her well. She captioned this photo #Twins? I love that lavender hair on her.

And now for makeup free ...

makeup free kelly osbourne

Ta-da! Oh Kelly you are gorgeous. "Make up free and loving it!" the 29-year-old wrote. I love it, too. I'd love to know what she uses on her skin -- it's flawless (besides a soft filter on Instagram because well, let's face it, I'd do the same thing).

What do you think of Kelly's hair and makeup free pics?


Images via Kelly Osbourne/Instagram

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