Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Will Again Do That Hot Thing That Made Them Fall in Love

Angelina Jolie Brad PittBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six kids together, but they're working on another "baby"! No, not an actual human being, though who knows, maybe they're working on that too. But another movie! The last time they were together on screen the pair had just explosive chemistry that it blew Brad's marriage to Jennifer Aniston apart. The two liked working together so much that Angelina admitted years later that they fell in love on set.


Deadline reports that Brad and Ange, who haven't been together onscreen since the movie that brought them together, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, will co-star in a new "baby" that Angie herself has written. It's unclear what the movie is about or what their roles will be -- or even if the two will have any love scenes. Given how much directing Ange is doing lately, she might do that too, who knows.

It will be interesting to see if six kids and nine years will have put a crimp in their famous chemistry. Normally married couples don't have a great chemical connection on screen. However, these two might be the exception to the rule.

Some real life couples, Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy come to mind, do manage to burn up the screen despite also burning up the sheets. But others, Madonna and Sean Penn come to mind, have all the chemistry of day-old pudding onscreen despite plenty of sparks off.

So, who knows. But it will be interesting to find out. Something tells me Ange won't write any love scenes for Brad unless they involve her!

Do you think they will be a good on screen pairing again?


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