Robert Pattinson Gets Close with Late Night Mystery Blonde

Robert PattinsonIn some ways, it must suck to be Robert Pattinson. You can't even get within 20 feet of a member of the opposite sex without the media blasting that you are dating that person! And most of the time it's probably not true. But this time, it might be. Because I said so. And also, because Rob was with this new "mystery blonde" at an ungodly hour -- one a.m.! Okay, it was a Friday. But still. These kids!


Anyway, Rob and the blond, blue-eyed woman who, with her cigarette, turquoise rings, and what appears to be a lip stud, seems to be that grungy type that Rob goes for, came out of a Los Angeles restaurant past midnight.

While the two might just be pals, they definitely know each other well though, because they both got into the same car, in the back seat, where Rob was looking bleary-eyed and worse for wear.

In the backseat, Rob put his hands up to his face to block the paparazzi, but the blonde just stared at flashbulbs bemusedly. She looked kind of thrilled with all of the attention, truth be told. If I had to guess, I'd say these two are either just pals or are together but not serious. There's just something about her that yells "friend zone." I could be wrong though! I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, this means that Rob is back in Los Angeles -- where of course Kristen also lives -- so maybe those two will finally realize what idiots they're being and just get back together already! Rob's birthday is May 13 and that's the perfect opportunity for KStew to send him a little gift and a text message, amiright?

Do you think this is Rob's new girlfriend? Or just a pal?


Image via David Tonnessen/Monterotti, PaciificCoastNews

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