Miley Cyrus' Bondage-Themed Video Shows Her Most Scandalous Behavior Yet (WATCH)

miley cyrusAs tired as I am with Miley Cyrus' antics, I have to tip my hat at her creativity. I thought she had done everything she could to shock the public. Well ... that is until I got a sneak peek at her new bondage-themed concert video. Take a look for yourself.


Clearly the 21-year-old likes to get naked. She barely wears anything on stage and this video basically ups the ante.

Crazy, right? What's with smearing oil all over her nearly nude body? And those black rubber ropes! Freaky. Totally freaky. This is the video that plays before she hits the stage for her Bangerz tour concerts. She still has a lot of young fans, and I can't imagine many parents being happy with this Fifty Shades-inspired freak show thrown in their kids' faces. Actually, to compare this to that infamous tale of mom porn is an insult to, well, mom porn. This video isn't the least bit sexy. It's just weird. 

Does she really feel the need to go to such extremes? She's completely wrong if she thinks this gives her more cred as a thought-provoking artist. It simply screams, "I need more attention and I'll do anything to get it."

Now I'm actually interested to see how she will top this latest. Perhaps flashing the Pope? Licking President Obama's face? Making out with a pet on stage? There is a whole world of crazy behavior open to dear Miley. There's no telling what's coming next.

What do you think of Miley's new video?


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