Kim Kardashian's 'Walk of Shame' Shows How Stressed Out She Really Is (PHOTOS)

Kim KardashianClearly the wedding stress is getting to Kim Kardashian. The reality star has been jetting back and forth between Los Angeles and Paris in preparation for her upcoming nuptials with Kanye West, so maybe the jet lag caused her to forget what day it is or even that a full day had passed?

The usually fashion-forward celebrity spent two days in a row this week in the same shirt. A denim shirt. Like a farmer, or the one I borrowed from my boyfriend in eighth grade. Not that I'm judging, seeing as I am currently sitting on my couch wearing the same shirt I was wearing yesterday, and Kim certainly has a leg up on me since she at least managed to change pants, whereas I'm not wearing any. (I work from home, mmmkay? Pantsless Friday is a side perk.)


Of course one of the reasons I'm still wearing the same shirt from yesterday is that I haven't taken it off since I haven't bothered to shower yet. Does that mean Kim hasn't showered either? I mean it is France (ba-dum-tssh). Or maybe she really is just like one of us lesser mortals after all! Heh, more likely she's not thinking clearly.

Anyway, Kim wore this all-denim ensemble in Paris on Wednesday while shopping and dining with buddy Serena Williams:

Kim Kardashian

And then she paired the shirt (and shoes!) with pink leather pants and a black blazer to fly into LAX the next day:

Kim Kardashian

Plus she's wearing sunglasses indoors, which is clearly a sign of puffy eyes. This is Kim K we're talking about. Chick doesn't exactly like to give up a photo op.

Aside from the fact that she's wearing the same shirt two days in a row, can we please take a moment to talk about the shirt itself? I mean, Kim looks gorgeous (as always), but she's not exactly the "casual" type. She loves her designers and avant-garde fashion and where the heck is her cleavage hiding? Kim loves her boobs!

It just doesn't make any sense that she would willing choose to put this shirt on her body. The stress must be getting to her because she's clearly not in her right mind. Or maybe she's so hungry from her "water concoction" diet she's become delusional.

It's hard to say why Kim wore the same frumpy shirt two days in a row, but something is obviously interfering with her thinking.

Do you think wearing the same shirt two days in a row is strange behavior for Kim Kardashian?


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