Khloe Kardashian Might Be Making a Lamar Odom Mistake All Over Again

I just don't know what to make of Khloe Kardashian's new boyfriend, French Montana. Sounds like Khloe is being rather naive about him. Then again, she was that way with Lamar Odom too. You hope people learn from their mistakes, but most people just keep making the same ones over and over again. Khloe may have dumped a drug user, but apparently she's just gone and gotten herself involved with an admitted drug dealer!


French, otherwise known by his real name Karim Kharbouch, is an admitted former drug dealer who has rapped about his former industry. Not exactly shocking. If you're a rapper who wasn't a former drug dealer, you pretend you were!

Still, you would think that Khloe, given how much heartache drugs caused her with Lamar, would despise someone who could sell drugs. But sources say that on the contrary, Khloe actually admires French for getting out of that business and making it in the rap world. A source told

Whatever French has done in the past, that was his past. It was his story and she’s sure he’s learned and gained so much knowledge from it. [Khloe] respects anyone who's worked their way up and made a better life for themselves and their family and friends.

Er, yeah, but Khloe probably thought Lamar was done with his wild ways too. Your history is your history, but sometimes it's also a huge red warning flag. Plus, it doesn't sound like he's totally separated himself from his past. I mean, his first tape was called "Cocaine City" and his label is called Coke Boys!

Add this into the rumors that French abandoned his wife, his child, and his former girlfriend -- and he's not exactly looking like the suitor from heaven. Wonder what Kris thinks of all of this. She's probably happy as long as Khloe's new beau is famous.

Do you think French is good for Khloe?


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