Andrew Garfield Singing 'Spider-Man' Theme Is Weirdly Hot (VIDEO)

Andrew GarfieldThere's something about Andrew Garfield that I find deeply appealing. He's not really my type, so it's kind of hard to explain what it is that I like about him (aside from his Adam's apple, which is a thing of beauty), but now that I've seen him singing and playing guitar on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, I know exactly what --

Wait, singing and playing guitar? Yeah, I know, the idea of an actor busting out an acoustic guitar on a late night show in order to show off their amateur musician chops sounds more douchey than sexy, but wait until you see Garfield -- rocking his freshly buzzed hairdo -- performing that well-loved classic, the theme to Spider-Man.


Garfield appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show last night and confessed he'd been taking guitar lessons. Naturally, Fallon presented Garfield with a guitar and asked him to play something, at which point Garfield insisted he'd never sung in public before ("I am no Adele Dazeem") before reluctantly launching into his tune.

That's when it gets really, really good. Check it out:

(Did you know he had a British accent? I did not know this.)

How surprisingly fantastic is Andrew Garfield at singing old cartoon theme songs? At about 2:10, I started thinking he should sell this on iTunes. The only thing that could have possibly made this even better is if he'd sung "Spider-Pig" instead.

Anyway, I have to give Garfield props for coming up with such a clever promotion for Spider-Man 2, which not-so-coincidentally hits theaters today. I'm sure it gets old just doing the same old publicity circuit, delivering your sound bites about how great the movie is, how much fun you had filming it, blah blee bloo blah. This is much better, and now I have a crush on him AND his girlfriend Emma Stone, who also tore it up on Fallon this week. I want these two to get married and populate the Earth with talented, attractive babies and I want all those babies to come on The Tonight Show and perform like adorable trained seals and I want this to happen NOW.

What do you think of Garfield's Spider-Man song? Do you also lust over his prominent, strangely alluring Adam's apple?

Image via The Tonight Show

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