Kim Kardashian's Wedding Diet Is So Extreme She's Given Up Something Vital

Kim KardashianI know Kim Kardashian took a lot of crap for gaining so much weight when she was pregnant with North, but I have to share a secret with you guys -- it actually made me like her more. Even though she's on reality TV, she just seems so perfectly put together and polished and unreachable and just on a whole other plane of living than the rest of us commoners that it was nice to see her struggle with a normal human thing like weight gain during pregnancy.

But for some reason, she's decided to go to the opposite extreme now that she's in control of her own body again. And control she is, and if she keeps going with her extreme dieting, she's not going to be able to stand sideways at her wedding in few weeks, because she's just going to up and vanish.


A month ago, she was eating nothing but chicken, brocolli, and nuts. A couple of weeks ago, she gave up coffee and even her daily glass of wine. Also, an assistant reportedly followed her around with a bag of celery sticks.

But now that the wedding is barely three weeks away? Girlfriend may have given up food. Yes, food. According to one source, Kim is resorting to the most extreme of measure to lose the last couple of pounds before her big day.

"She's drinking a lot of water and I think she's doing one of those liquid diet things," the snitch told "I don’t really see her eating much although she does cook. But for the most part she's always got that water bottle with her -- just drinking her water concoctions."

Just. Drinking. Her. Water. Concoctions. Although, to be fair, this report may be about as believable as Kim Kardashian cooking, so there's that ...

But I wouldn't put it past her. Kim is practically non-exist these days, albeit with dat ass (but somehow we're supposed to believe no surgical enhancement has taken place in that region?), and she's doing it somehow.

The source also said that Kim is doing really well, and enjoying relaxing with her family. They said, "All I can say is that things are in motion. All the people working for them are feeling real stressed out now but Kim couldn't be happier."

You know why everyone's stressed? Kim is probably snapping at them because she's hangry. Then she looks in a mirror, and Kanye tells her she's pretty, and her adorable daughter smiles at her, and she forgets her hunger pangs for a minute. Meanwhile, her staff probably want to feed her a sammich. I know I do.

Do you think crash dieting is a good idea?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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