George Clooney Did the Hottest Thing to Get Amal Alamuddin to Say 'Yes'

There's nothing like a good marriage proposal story to restore our faith in love. Some men absolutely blow our minds by going to extreme lengths to get their partners to commit for life -- surely you've seen one of these insanely elaborate proposal videos, right?! You may be thinking that things are different when you're George Clooney. I mean, the actor has everything a woman -- or man -- could possibly want: amazing looks, charm to spare, a freaking villa in Italy -- should I keep going? Surely George can simply whistle and women will line up with their ring fingers extended, waiting and praying that he'll bestow a sparkler on their digit.

But that's simply not true in this case. The man no one believed would ever be tied down actually put in some effort to get his equally amazing fiancee Amal Alamuddin to agree to be his wife. And what he did before getting down on one knee to propose is pretty darn hot.


The 52-year-old actor invited Amal to his California mansion last month and buttered her up before proposing by whipping up a delicious meal for the human rights lawyer! That's right -- George isn't a helpless bachelor after all -- the man can cook!

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I'm not suggesting a proposal at a super-romantic restaurant isn't special -- it certainly is. But there's something incredibly sexy about a man who spent time searching for the perfect recipe and then went grocery shopping and put in hours slaving by a hot stove in order to create a meal meant to blow you away. It proves to a woman that he is serious about creating a cozy, sweet home life for them. Love it!

Aren't you dying to know what George made for Amal? My guess is that it included grass-fed beef or organic chicken. Ooh, or maybe he tried to woo her by paying homage to her birthplace and making an authentic Lebanese dish like lamb shawarma?

I admit I'd be gaga if he poured Cheerios and milk into a bowl, but that's just me. Hands down, this is the best -- and most normal -- celeb engagement story I've heard in a while.

What do you think George cooked for Amal? Does your husband or boyfriend cook for you?


Image via Courtney/Flickr

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