8 Formerly Hot Stars Who've Ruined Their Faces With Plastic Surgery

Ericka Sóuter | Jun 11, 2014 Celebrities

jennifer greyThere is no such thing as growing old gracefully in Hollywood. Both men and women fight it tooth and nail and understandably so. There is a lot of pressure to look a certain way when you work in music, movies, TV, and fashion. So when those inevitable laugh lines start to show or the eyelids start to droop, there is only one thing to do if you want to remain a star -- go under the knife! So it's no surprise that plastic surgery is about as common as personal assistants there. However, the results are not always good. In fact, they can be downright frightening. Take a look at 8 hot stars who ruined their faces.


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  • Donatella Versace -- Before


    Image via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty

    Donatella has spent much of her life surrounded by beautiful, glamorous models clamouring to wear her Versace designs. As such, it must have been especially hard to age in that industry. 

  • Donatella Versace -- After


    Image via David Klein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty

    Rumor has it she has gone under the knife several times to maintain that "youthful" glow, but Donatella has only admitted to Botox treatments.

  • Melanie Griffith -- Before


    Image via Alan Light/Flickr

    Melanie was gorgeous and glowing with then-husband Don Johnson.


  • Melanie Griffith -- After


    Image via Charlie Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty

    "Most people are telling me I look horrible," Griffith told Us Weekly in 2012. That's certainly a hurtful new reality for the once-hot starlet. To fight the effects of age, it's rumored that she's had Botox, injectable fillers, and an upper eyelid lift.

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  • Jennifer Grey -- Before


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    Nobody puts Baby in a corner! The world hated her (in a good way) in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and fell in love with Grey during her starring turn in Dirty Dancing. Yes, she had a "bigger" nose than most starlets at the time, but she was gorgeous!

  • Jennifer Grey -- After


    Image via PictureLux/Splash News

    In 1987, she got a nose job that left her still beautiful, but virtually unrecognizable. Some say it cost her her career.

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  • Lil' Kim -- Before


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    Perhaps no star inspires more double-takes than Lil' Kim these days. Her music was all about empowerment and taking charge. Sadly, the drastic changes suggest she may not have been as confident with herself after all.

  • Lil' Kim -- After


    Image via Frank Micelotta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty

    The fierce rapper appears to have altered just about every part of her face. It's actually reminiscent of the drastic transformation Michael Jackson once made. We hope she can start to love herself for who she is!

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  • Bruce Jenner -- Before


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    The images of Jenner running are iconic. He was the very definition of hunky athlete as he represented the USA. Though a lot has changed since his Olympic glory days ...

  • Bruce Jenner -- After


    Image via Tony Duffy/Getty Images Sport/Getty

    The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been open about his many nips and tucks. Among the procedures: a "botched" partial face-lift and nose job. "If you Google my name, the worst plastic surgeries of all time or whatever it is ... they've compared me to Michael Jackson," Jenner has said.

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  • Mickey Rourke -- Before


    Image via amazon.com

    There is no doubt about it, Rourke used to be seriously HOT. He carved out a career of sexy roles in Body Heat and Nine 1/2 Weeks. Sadly, he can't exactly pull that off anymore ...

  • Mickey Rourke -- After


    Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty

  • Meg Ryan -- Before


    Image via Derek Storm/Splash News

    When you hear her name, a cute-as-pie face and perfect pout always come to mind. Yet the one-time queen of romantic comedies has stepped out of the limelight in recent years.

  • Meg Ryan -- After


    Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

    When she does emerge, however, people can't help but wonder what happened to her. Word is she has had too much cosmetic surgery or possibly fillers that have left her looking drastically different.

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  • Kenny Rogers -- Before


    Image via Sheila Herman/Flickr

    Country Crooner Kenny Rogers was once just a rugged guy. He shoulda known when to hold 'em ....

  • Kenny Rogers -- After


    Image via amazon.com

    A botched eyelid lift left the once rugged crooner's face looking stretched and surprised. "I'm not happy about it," he told People magazine. "It drives me crazy."


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