Kim Kardashian Goes Vintage for Possible Wedding Day Accessory She Doesn't Need

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestLast week, Kim Kardashian went a quick shopping spree with her sister Kourtney and her pseudo-brother-in-law Scott Disick in an unlikely boutique. The threesome went old school at Shareen's Vintage shop in Los Angeles.

According to owner Shareen Mitchell, the group perused the store for about an hour, trying on a vareity of dresses and maybe getting some fashion lessons from another era. Rumor is Kanye West does want Kim to be the next Coco Chanel, so you know, there's that.


Shareen told E! News, "They were all incredibly lovely and polite. Kourtney is definitely a vintage-shopper, she was going through all the racks and tried on lots of stuff. She bought a few dresses -- very 70's, earthy boho dresses, a cotton dress and a satin dress."

OK, I can totally see Kourtney belonging in a vintage shop more than Kim. The mom of two definitely has a more down to earth style than her #GlamLife4Realsies little sis, whose tastes tend to be a little bit tacky fancy.

Shareen even mentioned that Kim isn't exactly a vintage girl, but did say she was eager to learn more. "Kim took a deep interest in vintage fashion even though it's not really her style. We were chatting about how fashion is a reflection of the past. She bought a few corsets -- very 1950's sexy glam corsets," she said. "We were saying they would look great with high-waisted skirts. They were non-label. We chatted about how much value affordable pieces can bring to your wardrobe. Kim, Scott and Kourtney all said they like to match affordable pieces with high designer pieces."

Hmmm, could she be planning to pair one of those corsets with one of her wedding dresses? The vintage piece would definitely qualify as something old ... leave it to Kim Kardashian to have her something old be a glamorous pin-up style vintage corset. That girl doesn't do anything small except her waist.

Do you think Kim will rock a corset on her wedding day to accentuate her already bangin' curves?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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