Kaley Cuoco Proves 'Nothing' Comes Between Her & Ryan Sweeting (PHOTO)

Kaley Cuoco When Kaley Cuoco got engaged to Ryan Sweeting after only three months of dating, there were some people who were skeptical they would last, and hoped for a long engagement. Some people like me. Then when they got married a scant three months after that, it's possible some of those people (again, like me) raised an eyebrow and thought to themselves, you only love like that once.

Five months into wedding bliss (almost half of their entire relationship!), and the couple seems more in love than ever. Almost like nothing can come between them. Not even clothes. Kaley Instagrammed a poolside couple-selfie recently, in which a strategically placed arm serves as her bikini top.


The Big Bang Theory actress teased with the topless pic, captioning it, "Tattoo swimsuit made by @ryansweething."

Kaley Cuoco Topless

Yup, that's one helluva bandeau top! And of course we're left to wonder if she was just going European style, or was she getting ready for a skinny dip?

But even more than the naked aspect, they just look happy in this picture. Kaley's got this cute little smirk on her face like the cat that got the cream, and Ryan is lovingly kissing her on the shoulder and probably thrilled that he's touching breasts.

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Maybe Kaley is just the kind of person that knows what she wants when she sees it, and just goes for it. She did get that breast augmentation when she was 18, and called it "the best decision I ever made." Hmm, that's probably why she doesn't mind going topless poolside, come to think of it.

But I bet I can think of something that's taken the new high spot on her best deicisions of my life list -- saying yes to Ryan's proposal.

Have you gone skinny dipping with a significant other?


Images via Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

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