Adam Levine's Cell Number Posted On Twitter: What Now?

Adam LevineHave you ever wanted to call Adam Levine, Voice coach and World's Sexiest Man? Well, now you can. Here's his actual cellphone number: (310) 493-7939. Go ahead! Call him up and ask him whatever burning question you've been wanting to know, like maybe why his latest tattoo makes it look like he's permanently inscribed with a string of Mardi Gras beads.

Now, before you jump on me for releasing Adam Levine's private contact information, you should know that the WORLD is now capable of calling Levine whenever they want, thanks to Levine's rival Voice coach Blake Shelton. Last night, Shelton tweeted Levine's cellphone number to his more than six million followers -- and it should be very interesting to see how Levine retaliates.


If you actually called that cell number, which I just did (what? I was calling in the name of research, people), you'll notice that it doesn't actually put you through. It just returns a fast busy signal noise, which could mean Levine was quick to discontinue his account. (The Twitter responses that came in last night also referenced a busy signal.)

Or it could mean the number never worked in the first place. I'm jaded enough to believe this whole exchange was done as a publicity stunt, and that either the number given wasn't Levine's or they mutually agreed to release the info and immediately switch Levine to a new number.

What do you think? Here's the snarky back-and-forth that went down on Twitter:

Apparently when The Voice returned from a commercial break on Monday night, Levine promised to seek revenge for Shelton's overshare:

Are you kidding me? That is not funny ... Just know that you have it coming because that's not cool at all.

Yeah, I'm not really buying it. But Shelton's Twitter gaffe got them a bunch of headlines today, so if that's what they were aiming for, well played, boys. Now the question is, how can Levine top this move? Will more viewers tune into The Voice in the hopes of an equally invasive stunt pulled on Shelton? Will their Twitter accounts swell in numbers as fans cross their fingers for someone's home address to be posted? We'll just have to wait and see.

What's your take on this cellphone thing -- was it done for publicity or was it a real prank?

Image via NBC

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