Kendall Jenner's Date With Justin Bieber Leaves Us Officially Confused

Kendall Jenner

You guys? What I'm about to tell you is shocking, bizarre, and honestly, borderline really messed up. Apparently Kendall Jenner went on a date with Justin Bieber in New York City last night, and now I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or scream, "What the hell?" from the rooftops.

Ok, so he and Kendall weren't alone, as Hailey Baldwin also joined them at Nobu. Hailey was even spotted sitting in Justin's lap at one point during the evening, making this whole threesome even weirder.

But how in the heck did they all get together in the first place?!?


Well, supposedly Justin is in town for a Calvin Klein shoot, and that's why Kendall was there too -- so there's a chance this little meeting was strictly business.

And amid reports that Kylie Jenner hooked up with Justin, let's hope he isn't making the rounds among the fam, if you know what I mean.

Oh, and then there's the whole mess with Selena Gomez unfollowing the Jenner girls on Instagram. Could it be that Justin is making it a point to turn up in their company simply to piss her off? (Odds are good.)

But let's just entertain the remote possibility that something romantic might be blossoming between Justin and Kendall. If that's the case, I have one burning question on my brain. How on Earth does one go from dating Harry Styles to doing whatever with Justin Bieber?!? (OMG. That's, like, forbidden. Or at least it should be.)

I'm sorry, but Kendall seems way too sophisticated and un-scandalous for the Biebs, to the point that the two of them even hanging together as friends seems a bit unlikely. For now, I refuse to believe that this was anything other than a one-time chance meeting. But if Kendall and Justin start getting together on a more regular basis? Yeah ... getting "Save Kendall" t-shirts made will definitely be in order.

Do you think Kendall would ever date Justin?


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