Justin Bieber Reveals His Marriage Proposal Plans (PHOTO)

I'm no expert on the male species, but I'm gonna guess that your typical 20-year-old single man is probably not spending his weekend pinning potential wedding venues, flower arrangements, and spiffy suit ideas. That's what makes Justin Bieber such an oddity. The singer is now more known for his off-stage antics and ridiculously confusing relationship with Selena Gomez than he is for his talent. And yet, he still found time to dig deep into his soul and post a photo with a caption on Instagram that proved to us he isn't simply thinking about his love life, he's got big plans for his future wife.

Yes, the pop star that no woman can tie down has revealed exactly how he wanted to propose to the love of his life ... whomever she may be.


Justin posted this photo on Instagram, along with the following caption: "Was gonna wait to go to Central Park for when I proposed to my future wife but sh*t sometimes things change. I'll think of something more romantic."

First of all, the guy's got great taste ... in proposal sites, that is. His weird black and white mini skirt/leggings combo is another story. New York City's Central Park is an incredibly romantic place -- like something straight out of a storybook.

But are you feeling confused right now? I'm not suggesting it's impossible that Justin really is a hopeless romantic cleverly disguised as a hopeless party animal, but it certainly doesn't seem like you come across many guys his age who are thinking about proposals -- unless they have a specific girl in mind.

Was he thinking of Selena when he came up with the Central Park plan? Now that he's given up on this idea and essentially ruined it by visiting the park by himself, is this a sign that he has also abandoned any hope that he and the singer/actress have a solid future together?

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Or is Justin just joking around for the benefit of his fans? My bet is that he's a softie who has gotten lost along the way. One day he'll give up his partying ways and make some girl very happy. But it won't be Selena and -- clearly -- it won't involve Central Park.

Do you think Justin was serious about wanting to propose in Central Park? Did he have Selena in mind?

Images via Instagram

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