Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Have a HUGE Wedding Secret

Kim KardashianBy the end of the week, Kim Kardashian might be Mrs. Kanye West. Yes, we're all expecting a huge to-do wedding in Paris this summer, but the couple are apparently going to officially tie the knot this week, and guess what, there will be no press, no fans, no cameras -- maybe not even any friends or family! What gives?


TMZ reports that the couple are planning a private ceremony to get hitched this week. They even went so far as to get a confidential license so that no one -- except TMZ apparently -- knows about it. It will be like a "courthouse wedding." Whyyy???

Perhaps it has something to do with that French law that you have to reside in the country for 40 days before you can tie the knot there. And even though Kanye has an apartment in the City of Lights, that may not qualify.

I can't imagine Kim and Kanye skipping down to a Los Angeles courthouse to get married. That just seems WAY too normal. It's too private. This couple can't do anything privately!

If they do manage to do this, it kind of takes the fun out of the wedding. I mean, why make such a big fuss about the thing when you're already legally married? Will they tell their guests it's a done deal?

But Kim and Kanye -- oh, who are we kidding? -- Kanye was determined to do this whole thing in France, so I guess this is the price they pay: a courthouse wedding. But maybe they can say "Oui" instead of "I do."

Do you think they will really have a courthouse wedding?


Image via Instagram

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