Kate Middleton's Upcoming Plans Tell Us All We Need to Know About Baby #2

Kate Middleton

I'm sure that she and Prince William are enjoying a small break now that their Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia is over, but apparently Kate Middleton is ready to take on more royal duties. Her schedule is expected to be pretty packed in the coming months.

A royal aide told People, "We have got a really busy program actually for both of them and Prince Harry. There will be a significant upsurge in engagements." And not surprisingly, the focus of Kate's work will center around working with children who are very ill.


She'll continue her charity efforts as patron of the East Anglia Children's Hospices and will also join Prince William with the effort to help wounded servicemen and women. But even though her increasing workload is somewhat expected, given that she's married into royalty and all, we have to wonder if having so much on her plate is going to put any plans to expand her family on the back burner for the time being.

Oh come on, we're all dying to know when Kate and Wills will give Prince George a sibling, and pregnancy rumors have been swirling around the couple in recent weeks. George will be a year old this summer, so it would make sense for them to go ahead and try for baby number two so their children will be fairly close in age.

However, we all know just how tough it is to adjust to the first year of motherhood. Then you go and add in Kate's royal duties on top of that, and there just doesn't seem to be much time left over to add another baby into the equation (let alone make one ...).

Then again, this is Kate we're talking about, and it's obvious that she's not the type of person who is easily rattled. If anyone can handle a toddler, a second pregnancy, and a jam-packed schedule, it's her for sure.

On that note, let's not totally give up on royal baby bump watch 2014 just yet. (It's way too much fun to think about.)

Do you think Kate's duties will put off her plans to have another child?


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